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On a daily basis in kindergarten:


Education for peace

Children have a big heart in a GOOD kindergarten we want to nurture them.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Fokolare movement to which we belong, created the "Cube of Peace" - we intend to use it when starting each day.

Godly Play® Montessori

Taking care of the overall development of your children in the GOOD Montessori room, ecumenical catecheses in the spirit of Montessori will be conducted for those interested.

Godly Play®


Who has not heard the sentence that the mind of a child is "a sponge that absorbs everything". ..

We decided to use it:

English every day using the songs method

French every day using the "les Alphas" method.

In addition, the facility is preparing for a joint project with a Swiss primary school (age 4 and up).


Children need to have fun in the yard, they have the opportunity to let go of all tensions.

1,300 square meters of a kindergarten garden is perfect for this.

In addition, we offer movement games with the use of an animation scarf and other movement games proposed in the KLANZY method.


"All children are born artists."


That is why we provide all possible art materials with the possibility of creating large-format works and outdoor works under the supervision of an artist.


Each child has a musical potential, it is only necessary to enable him to actively participate in the musical environment and react to it from the first months of his life.

Suzuki early childhood education

Music classes and SUZUKI workshops for children.

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