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GOOD people in a GOOD kindergarten

heart in hand, diploma in pocket


mgr Edyta Stolfik

Pedagogue director

The director is the soul of this place, which feeds on the spirit of Fokolare. He has many years of experience and specializes in the KLANZY Method and language classes. She promised us that she would use every square meter of our huge garden with the children :-)

foto justyna złoty.jpg

mgr Justyna Złoty


Ms. Justyna is a person full of energy and motivation. As a guardian-educator, she is responsible for younger children. He enriches us with his unique intuition and pedagogical instinct. As an experienced tutor, she is full of ideas, always ready for new challenges, she infects us with her determination and smile .


Joanna Smęder

teacher's assistant

Ms. Joanna, apart from the most important function of loving those under her care, will be telling everyone who is interested in biblical stories using the Godly Play ® method. Moreover, by sharing her good heart, she will be responsible for the GOOD ACTIVITY of our facility because she helps in the Exodus Association on a daily basis.

Piotr Tolsdorf.jpg

 mgr Piotr Tolsdorf

engineer in chemistry

He conducts logorytmics classes, diagnoses our children and offers individual meetings if there is any need.  

Mr. Piotr is a brilliant speech therapist ... but you probably all know it by now.  

And if not, we invite you here:

Lord of logorytmiki | Piotr Tolsdorf


Peter Holman 

English teacher

Thanks to the cooperation with the linguistic  SCHOOL  PASCAL  we use ''Little Pascal'' method.

Mr. Peter has an amazing gift of contact with children and he really can and like PLAY ... and our kids do what they do best: they just absorb ENGLISH :-)

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