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Our GOOD philosophy

Who is the child?
A child is absolutely not an "underdeveloped adult" who needs to be educated and adapted to the functioning system. He is not something less or less valuable. On the contrary! In line with the existential and personal pedagogy of Fr. Janusz Tarnowski, we see a child as a wholesome person with whom we will try to build a friendship relationship without expecting an artificial attachment in return.


How do we work with children?

The starting point for building a lasting relationship with the child will be entering his world, truly listening to his needs in an attitude of respect and respect for his emotions: joy, sorrow, enthusiasm, his life as a whole.
The most important thing for us is that each child experiences genuine interest on the part of the educator, that they experience genuine respect and understanding.


And the process of education?
"Make your child discover a passion"
- in an atmosphere of true understanding and dialogue, based on the previously established "educator-ward" relationship, this will be our main task.

We are aware that the road to this goal is long and time-consuming. Children are not actors that we use to achieve a personal pedagogical goal. Therefore, you will not see beautiful painting works prepared by teachers in the windows of the kindergarten! Learning is a process, it is a path that leads to personal cognition through experience, mistakes, successes, and the educator is a companion on this path. Being a child's companion on the way of learning is a delicate help in discovering the world. Not imposing, but stimulating passion and curiosity.

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