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Śliczny Kapelusz Zwierząt

Welcome to



here only the GOOD things happen



A GOOD kindergarten is a SMALL kindergarten

2 preschool groups

children aged 3-6 (2.5 in justified cases)

a maximum of 21 children

workshops for families

outside preschool hours, we organize GOOD meetings (workshops, play, training, meetings for children and parents)

birthday party

Here it is! a GOOD place for family meetings with children, birthday parties for children and others

Godly Play®

Montessori room for Godly Play. The Godly Play approach helps children to explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience though wonder and play.


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NASZE DOBRE podejście

W postawie pełnego szacunku i poszanowania emocji dziecka chcemy aby odczuło autentyczne zainteresowanie ze strony wychowawcy,

W tej bezpiecznej i komfortowej  atmosferze dziecko ma możliwość odkrycia swoich zainteresowań i pasji...

DOBRA zasada nr 1

The starting point . In the first contact
the most important thing is to enter the child's world with unfeigned and genuine interest. The point is for them to feel
our respect and understanding and lest we do the wrong first

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